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Rue du Bac Miraculous Medal

*The Rue du Bac Miraculous Medal is a reproduction of The Original Miraculous Medal given to St. Catherine Labouré in 1830 in Paris France at Rue du Bac by the Blessed Virgin Mary. The inscription is in French just like the Original Medal. This medal is made by a master craftsman in order to capture the authenticity and beauty of this divine medal.

*Each Miraculous Medal comes with a Translation Card.


*These Miraculous Medal are produced in solid .925 Sterling Silver.


*Black Monk Rosaries Imports these Rue du Bac Miraculous Medals directly from France.



(1/2" - 12.7mm)

(3/4" - 19.05mm)

(1" - 25.4mm)

(1 1/4" - 32mm)

(1 1/2" - 42mm)

(2" - 50mm)

*If a Particular Size medal is out of stock one may pre order this Rue du Bac Miraculous Medal and when it comes back in stock it will automatically ship to You. 

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Customer Reviews:


We know the trust consumers place in ratings and reviews is tied directly to authenticity. That is why Black Monk Rosaries LLC asks the permission of each customer before we post their review along with their full name and location.


"Just received my Miraculous Medal and I have to say it's one of the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have. The details are impeccable and gorgeous, the size is perfect. I highly recommend Black Monk Rosaries to all my friends and family." Ray Trujillo Thatcher, AZ

"Received my beautiful miraculous medal today 12-18-23. Thank you so much. I love love it so very much can't stop looking at it.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless"🙏 Annie Trujillo Safford, AZ


"I just got done taking the “Rue du Bac” 2 inch Miraculous Medal from the package.  I have to tell you how blown away I was when I saw it.  The medal is magnificent!!  I didn’t expect such high quality in the image and lettering.  The BVM image just jumps out at you.  To say that I’m highly pleased would be an understatement.  It was worth every penny I paid for it….and then some. I learned that the French don’t stamp their medals “925” or “Sterling” like USA manufacturers do. The French do mark their medals by putting a tiny indented stamp on the top ball area of the medal.  The medal I received definitely has that mark, proving it is indeed Sterling Silver." Larry Turek Dearborn, MI

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