Médaille Miraculeuse -  Decade

Product Information


*Miraculous Medal -  1 3/8" - 35mm

    *Language - French

    *Translation card included with order


*To find out more about the Miraculous Medal click below



*Black Monk Rosaries LLC only uses premium materials to produce the "Strongest Rosaries in the World".


Hail Mary Beads

*White High Impact Acrylic Beads 10mm x 12mm (PICTURED)

*Hand Carved Dark Wood Beads 10mm x 12mm

*Blue Spot Jasper Stone Beads 14mm x 9mm

*Tiger Eye Stone Beads 14mm x 9mm

*Turquoise Stone  Beads 14mm x 9mm


Our Father Bead

*White High Impact Acrylic 10mm x 12mm (PICTURED)

*Stainless Steel Bead 9mm x 13mm (ALL MODELS WITHOUT WHITE HAIL MARY BEADS)


*High Impact Acrylic Beads provide hardness and durability vs inexpensive plastic beads used by lesser brands which scratch and the color will come off over time.


*Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel Beads.



*3 1/2" Deluxe St. Benedict Crucifix with Chrome Finish (PICTURED)


Paracord Color Options

*Light Blue Paracord (PICTURED)

*Black Paracord

*Navy Blue Paracord

*Blue & Black Paracord

*Emerald Green Paracord

*Gunmetal Paracord


*Black Monk Industrial Grade Type III 550 Paracord produced in the United States exceeds all strength specifications and is both rot and UV resistant. Many low end brands use substandard paracord or other inferior materials which reduces prices but in turn is weak and causes sagging, breakage, and discoloration. "You Get What You Pay For"


*Painstaking attention to detail along with time honored American craftsmanship.

*Each Rosary is inspected three times to insure the best quality. 


*The Industrial Grade 12mm stainless steel ring holding the crucifix or cross into place is able to withstand over 300 lbs of pulling power.


*These Industrial Grade stainless steel rings are also incorporated into the bottom knot to hold the crucifix or shield into place. This is far more difficult to produce but provides greater stability and strength.


*Strong enough to be worn to testify your belief in Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. 

*Lifetime Warranty - If your Black Monk Rosary would every break or get damaged in any way just mail it back to Black Monk Rosaries LLC and we will supply you with a brand new rosary. No questions asked.


*Proudly made in the USA.​

Médaille Miraculeuse - Decade