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The Black Monk Difference:


*The first rosaries produced by St. Dominic and the Dominicans were constructed with strong cords instead of weak metal parts. Black Monk Rosaries holds true to St. Dominic's vision of the rosary.

*The Black Monk Rosary Promise - (Life Time Warranty) If your Black Monk Rosary or Bracelet would ever break or get damaged for any reason at any time just mail it to Black Monk Rosaries and we will replace it with a Brand New Rosary or Bracelet - No Questions Asked.

*Black Monk Rosaries follows the old saying - "You Get What You Pay For". That is why Black Monk Rosaries only uses premium materials to produce the "Strongest Rosaries in the World".

*Painstaking attention to detail along with time honored American craftsmanship.

*Every Rosary & Bracelet is handmade specifically for each customer to ensure quality. 


*High-Impact Acrylic Beads which provide hardness and durability vs inexpensive plastic beads used by lesser  brands which scratch and lose their color over time. 

*Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Brass Beads.

*Deluxe Crucifixes, Custom Centers & Shields are not only detailed but are are substantial to the touch.​

*Handcrafted wood beads that are designed for efficiency and comfort.


*Black Monk Industrial Grade Type III 550 Paracord produced in the United States exceeds all strength specifications and is both rot and UV resistant. Many low end brands use substandard paracord or other inferior materials which reduces prices but in turn is weak and causes sagging, breakage, and discoloration. 


*The Industrial Grade 12mm stainless steel ring holding the crucifix or cross into place is able to withstand over 300 lbs of pulling power. The stainless steel rings are incorporated into the bottom knot to hold the crucifix or shield into place. This is far more difficult to produce but provides greater stability and strength.


*Each Rosary is inspected three times to insure the best quality. 

*Black Monk Rosaries produces traditionally designed rosaries and never cuts corners by leaving out the first two Our Father Beads like so many lesser brands do to save money.


*Strong enough to be worn to testify your belief in Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. 

*Unique Designs found only at Black Monk Rosaries. All designs are copyrighted.

Customer Reviews:


We know the trust consumers place in ratings and reviews is tied directly to authenticity. That is why Black Monk Rosaries LLC asks the permission of each customer before we post their review along with their full name and location.

"Dear Sirs,   Rosary arrived this morning . Many thanks .Loveliest rosary I have ever seen (and the STRONGEST) . i will always remember you in my prayers." Frank Roberts , nr. Cockfield (village) ,Bishop Auckland , Co. Durham  , UK

"I received 2 of my Holy Rosaries today and they are beautiful... I love them... When I pray I really feel like I 

have the Lords weapon in my, Thanks Again Brother"  Michael Wingartner Morgan Hill, CA


"I received the new Requiem single decade and it's SO AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making the first one for me and the GREAT customer service!

You guys are AWESOME! THANK YOU! 😁 Robert Bobek Dix Hills, NY


"Greetings in Christ! I just received my Rue du Bac Rosary today.I am very pleased with the Rosary. Well made with quality materials, made to last a lifetime! This will be my daily carry Rosary. It was well worth the wait to get it. It will be with me on all my apostolic activities. I was hesitant to get a paracord Rosary. No longer! I love the Miraculous Medal centerpiece and the Crucifix witn the St. Benedict medal I'd beautiful! God bless you! And I love the large beads because I am a big man. Fits in my hands perfectly." In Christ, Br. Phillip Bellini, O.P.B.New Orleans, LA.


"I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived literally as I was on my way to Mass this evening!! I was able to give it to the young man who trained my son right after he served his first TLM, as a thank you gift! I have attached a picture of our chapel and both boys. The rosary is exceedingly beautiful, masculine and incredibly well made. The crucifix was particularly stunning!! Xavier is the head server's name, he opened it and everyone was saying how much they loved the brown rosary. I will definitely send more people to your website and I plan on ordering ones for my husband and our son's as well.

May God bless your apostolate." Pax Christi, Meredith Burl, Grandville, MI.


"I received my order today.  Wow.  They look amazing and super sturdy.  They are presents for my brothers; one is a retired police officer (as am I), and the other is a retired firefighter.  The rosaries look as if they can withstand any battle!  Vincent Delgado, Sedona, AZ.


"I'm writing to let you know how astonished and happy I am with my rosary. I have many rosaries but your crusaders rosary with both the crucifix and the shield is unquestionably the most beautiful I have ever owned, and it will be my go-to from now on. It is both hefty and comfortable, just right for my hands. The craftsmanship on display left me speechless, and I keep noticing new details in the design of the rosary, especially with the knights helmet centerpiece. God Bless you all and keep up the good work!" Wes Klingele, Kent, WA.


"I am incredibly impressed by the quality of my rosary (hematite Rue du Bac center rosary.) It is absolutely a work of art of heirloom quality that can be passed on to my children and grandchildren.  I have never seen such attention to detail and quality from any other rosary maker.  Very impressive, and well-worth the price.  To top this off, the guarantee is iron-clad and not available from any other maker - if anything ever goes wrong with your rosary, just send it back to the maker and they will replace it with a BRAND-NEW rosary, not a repaired item, no questions asked. This is something you truly cannot find from any other maker.  In dealing with Black Monk, I have found their customer service to be second to none.  Something that is also almost impossible to find these days. The priest who blessed this rosary and all who have seen it have remarked on its quality and substantial nature.  It is truly a beautiful item and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Buy from Black Monk Rosaries - you won’t be disappointed." Mark Koenig, South Windsor, CT.

"I am writing this e-mail to advise on my recent purchase. Simply amazing. I have never seen such craftsmanship put into a product like this. It was just beautiful. I purchased the OLG rosary for my wife who is the President of The Guadalupano Society at our Church. She was blown away. The first time she used it was at the beginning of the Novena at our Parish and afterwards everyone was asking her where she got it. Since she did not know she blew up my phone asking me. I hope this will increase your sales as I believe it will. As a Deacon in the Church I try to help as many people as I can. Hopefully letting them know where I purchased this beautiful and magnificent rosary will not only strengthen their faith but also enjoy the beauty of a well crafted Rosary.Thank you for what your company does. It was well appreciated." Deacon Joseph M Marroquin Sr. - San Antonio TX

"I would just like to reach out to let you and your team know how excited I am about my Memento Mori Rosary. The attention to detail and quality of the materials is exceptional. When I had the Rosary blessed even my priest was impressed, exclaiming “this is substantial!” Every step of the transaction was smooth and customer service was quick to answer my questions.I like to think of the Rosary as a spiritual weapon and it is clear the team at Black Monk Rosaries has created something that will stand up to the task for a lifetime." Mark Henry - Philadelphia PA


"I just wanted to say I love my purchase- although I know it’s called Jacobs ladder I called the Catholic Claymore. It truly is the best of the best the Cadillac of Catholic rosaries and I love it. Thank you so much!" Mat Lageman - Los Angeles CA

"I received my rosary from you. I will recommend this beautiful rosary to anyone. God Bless" Pax et Bonum, Br. Karl OFS Sydney, Australia.

"I want to say that I am over the moon satisfied and pleased with your products which I consider not only true Catholic sacramentals, but enduring works of art in their own right. Works of art because of their unique format and original workmanship. Congratulations!! You are making a difference in this troubled world we live in. In addition, by including the St. Benedict medal crucifix, you have fulfilled another of my sacramental searches. Thank you very much again. [Truth be told, your products are VASTLY UNDERPRICED! I would gladly pay twice the price for artwork of this quality!" Chris Verscheure - British Columbia, Canada


"I just received my Rosaries today!!!  Wow!!! I am beyond impressed!!! I have pleaded with our Blessed Mother to make a “WORTHY” HOLY ROSARY...and my prayer was answered today!!! No more be said...your company ‘IS’ Her ANSWER +++ Your company’s Rosaries are worth their weight in gold...NOT LIKE THE POORLY MADE Rosaries of others!!!Thank you and The Almighty “I AM WHO AM” protect and Bless you and your work ALWAYS" Christopher Sayer - Graysville TN

​"I received my Mater Dei rosary this week, and it is an awesome rosary. It has a lot of heft to it, and it looks and feels durable, yet beautiful. It’s a great combination to have in a rosary. It feels like a weapon, and the Holy Rosary is definitely one of the most powerful spiritual weapons. The customer service was also great. My rosary was delayed, and they were very helpful. I definitely recommend them for a durable, beautiful, and high-quality rosary. God bless them for their work! Mater Dei, ora pro nobis." Kile Stevens -  Rushville IN


"Just received my Rosary, the pictures of the Rosary do not do it justice. This Rosary just feels right, in my hands when I am praying. Keep up the good work! I am confident that when I want to purchase another Rosary it will be Black Monk Rosaries, hands down, no questions asked! Once again thank you." Erin Crow - Colorado Springs CO

"My rosary arrived yesterday and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your craftsmanship. You are not just making rosaries, you are forging substantial weapons! I, like other reviewers, was surprised and delighted by the materials used and overall heft of the rosary. It is heirloom quality, a worthy instrument in the hands of all Knights (and Handmaidens) of Our Lady. Thank you again." Albert Hickman - Saint Regis Falls NY

"Compared to competing brands, these rosaries are of higher quality. The paracord knots are bigger. The crucifix is heavier. The ring connecting to the crucifix is thicker than other brands. The beads don't slide up and down; they are firm in place. All of these combine to make me very pleased with my purchase. And I love the lifetime warranty. This place needs to be better known." David Marquand - St. Louis MO

"I recently received my Original Black Monk rosary.  This was my first order from Black Monk.  It will not be my last, even though from a strictly practical perspective it could be, because this rosary is certain to outlive me, and likely the person I pass it along to.  But there are so many attractive products available through the company, at reasonable prices, that I am certain to become a repeat customer.!" Chip Oakley - Geneva AL

"This is just a line to inform you that my rosaries were delivered this morning at about 9.00 local time. They are lovely. Well worth the wait. There is certainly no way any of us are going to wear these out." Richard C Baxter - Seaford United Kingdom

"I’m currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer and hoped to find strength in praying with this rosary.  I appreciate the fact that these rosaries are handmade and are not being rushed out on an assembly line. I’ve now received the beautiful Carpenter II Rosary. Thank you for the exquisite craftsmanship. It’s physical strength is also an excellent reminder of the strength of this devotion. Thank you very, very much! May God bless you. As a proud Canadian I am also always glad for the opportunity to buy something crafted by our dear friends and best of neighbors in the USA." Kevin Block - Ontario, Canada


"Good morning am just writing to say I am very very happy with my Rosary and pleased with the quality of the Black Monk and Miraculous Medal Center. It is said good things come for does who wait and am glad I waited. Bless everyone at Black Monk Rosaries for all the hard work that you guys do! Thank you!" David Rojas - Tacoma Washington

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