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Our Lady of Lourdes Medal

Product Information


* Measures  1 1/8" -  29mm


*Imported from France


*These medals are handcrafted as they once did in the Medieval era by stamping a medal out of solid bronze which produces magnificent detail. Then a silversmith hand plates each medal with a substantial layer of silver that is extremely durable and thick enough it can be engraved upon. The final touch is a soft antiquing is applied to each medal to further bring out detail. These distinctive and beautiful medals are conversation pieces and at the same time are a testament to ones's Catholic faith.


*Language - French


Translation card included with order


N D is an abbreviation for NOTRE DAME or OUR LADY


The D[ is really DE meaning "OF" .  What looks like an "[" or an "E"(without the center horizontal bar) is the old Latin letter "E"


The last word on left side is LOURDES.


What looks like a triangle is the old Latin letter "A". On the right side the writing is AY[Z P. D. N. which stands for AYEZ PITIE DE NOUS or HAVE PITY ON US


Thus the complete text is "OUR LADY OF LOURDES HAVE PITY ON US"


*Stainless Steel chains available


*Medal can be attached to your rosary


*The Black Monk Rosary Promise - (Life Time Warranty) If your Black Monk Rosary, Bracelet,  Medal or Chain would ever break or gets damaged just mail it to Black Monk Rosaries and we will replace it with a Brand New Rosary, Bracelet, Medal, or Chain - No Questions Asked.



Our Lady of Lourdes Medal


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